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Trhová Kamenice

A cozy village 115 km from Prague and 101 km from Brno, with shopping, medical, sport and culture facilities. ( several restaurants, a cinema, a grocery store, a museum etc.)

Skiing in Trhová Kamenice - 200m

In the winter families with children and amature skiers surely appreciate the ski slopes just 200m from the cottage. The slope is 300 m long with 2 lifts.

Flooded stonepits – 2 km

In the forest just 2km from the cottage you can swim in nice, clear flooded stonepits. The stonepits are also use with divers for training.

Golf & Country Club Svobodné Hamry – 1,8 km

A unique nature golf course within the Protected Landscape Area Žďárské vrchy. It is the fifth largest course in the Czech Republic and, as to the parameters, it rates among the championship golf courses. A training lawn for beginners is also available with a possibility to hire a personal trainer.

Here, you can also enjoy a beautifully reconstructed 200 years old pub or horse riding on horses from the Victory stable in place.

The site is easy to access from Prague or Brno - direction Trhová Kamenice, then just follow the signs to Veselý kopec open-air museum.

Veselý Kopec Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture - 3,2km

Veselý Kopec Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture is located in the landscape over the Chrudimka River valley. It comprises several farm settlements scattered over the area. The site was first settled presumably in the 14th century, however the first mention dates to 1653. There are four locations of the Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture: Veselý Kopec - several farmhouses and a mill; Svobodné Hamry - ironmongery; Možděnice - smithery, craft workshops; and Betlém in Hlinsko - folk log houses

Veselý Kopec used to be a favourite destination of many painters. Today the collection of folk architecture serves as a venue for a variety of folklore events and thematic exhibitions held during holidays.

Recreational and Sports Centre Horní Bradlo 6km

  • fitness centre
  • indoor ping-pong
  • outdoor ping-pong
  • entrance hall
  • outdoor sports grounds (5 tenis courts)
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • playground
  • Russian skittles
  • sporting goods and equipment rental
  • sports hall / gymnasium
  • swimming in nature / dam reservoir
  • heated swimming pool

Ski Resort Hlinsko - 6km

Ski Resort Hlinsko is located in the town of Hlinsko v Čechách and it offers two downhill courses and three modern ski lifts. The resort has options of evening skiing and snowmaking system technology. It offers a children’s ski lift that is 60 meters long with an approximate elevation of 3 meters. A total transportation capacity of the ski lifts is 1,500 persons per hour. The resort also features machine-treated downhill courses, skiing and snowboarding schools, ski and snowboard equipment rentals, and fast food

Castle Nasavrky - 6,5km

The Renaissance castle in Nasavrky was newly reconstructed in the 90s. There is a romantic ceremonial hall and an office of the Informative centre and a travel agency. The first floor serves from 2004 for an exposition "The Celts", it is opened during the whole year with a guide from Monday to Friday and during the summer season it is opened every day. The exposition is great for pupils interested in history but it can be interesting for the whole family and for people of all ages. On the second floor of the castle there are concerts and expositions held during the whole year. The most favourite ones are for example "Nasavrcká paleta" and "Nasavrcké hudební léto" (The Music Summer of Nasavrky). Also the Christmas expositions and Advent concerts are very popular. The castle is situated on the lower end of the square, next to the church. You can also buy some souvenirs from Nasavrky with Celtic theme in the informative centre - including touristic stamps, post cards, maps and other things. The workers of the IC will help you and recommend you other interesting places to visit in the region.

Ležáky Memorial - 6,9km

Ležáky, a former small settlement od stone-cutters below Zárubka Hill, fell victim to Nazi terror during the period of the so-called Heydrichiáda. Here Germans uncovered the secret radio transmitter Libuše belonging to the paratroopers who were to assassinate Reinhardt Heydrich. The local stonecutters had not a slightest idea that the Libuše radio transmitter operated by a parachutist from Silver A Group (sent to Bohemia from London) was hidden at the local mill. The Nazis then burnt the houses to the ground, and even changed the bed of the local stream in order to make Ležáky disappear from the maps. The men and women were shot dead at Zámeček in Pardubice or were haled off to concentration camps and their children were taken to Germany. A memorial with a display of historical documents was built in remembrance of the aforementioned tragedy that took place on June 24, 1942.

Castle Chotěboř – 10,4

The castle was built between the years 1701-1702 at the place of an original fortress from the 14th century, it was reconstructed between the years 1865-1870 and then after a fire in 1927. It has got four wings and a camp roof. The castle was built due to an order of Vilém Leopold Kinský. The typical Italian seat is surrouned by the central courtyard. There is an original chapel of the Holy Trinity with a rich stuke decor from the first half of the 18th century. After the owners of the castle changed, in 1836 it became a property of Lord Josef Dobrzenský from Dobrzenice - he obtained it after the marriage with Marie Wanczurová from Řehnice, the heiress of a dying out Czech family.

Ski Resort Svatá Anna Chotěboř – 10,5 km

Ski Resort Svatá Anna Chotěboř offers a 300-meter long downhill course, artificial lighting, and snowmaking system. Skiing school for children will be available in the near future. The resort is ideal for school training courses, too. It offers a warm feel of home and family environment, low prices, and it is open every day!

Dam - Seč – Waterworks on the Chrudimka River - 10,6km

Seč I reservoir (gravity, arched, from quarry stone) built in 1925-1934, the hydroelectric plant in 1947 (equipped with Francis turbine), equalizing reservoir Seč II (with soil dam) 1941-1947.

Castle Slatiňany – 14,8 km

This Renaissance castle was built between 1580 and 1590 in the foothills of Železné mountains. This palatine three-wings castle was built for a rich Prague citizen Bohuslav Mazanec from Frymburk by the architect Oldřich Avostalies. In the end of the 18th and then in the 19th century it went through a neogothic reconstruction, towers and new north wing were added - it was connected with a romantic church of St. Martin. In the castle there is a hippological museum, founded in 1947, with over than two thousand exponates which are oriented into the history of horse-breeding (paintings, graphics, plastigues, porcelain, tapestries). There is also an exposition of gears and gaps for horses. One part of the castle is also a park.

The English style chateau park was founded on an area of 16 hectars in 1796 by Karel, Count of Auersperg. The park is precious as a large arboretum with a rich and rare living collection of trees like red beech, Douglas pine, ginko tree, London plane, catalpa, thorny catfish, cypress etc. The "open park" is freely accessible to the public during the day. A part of the park is a stud farm and paddocks. All year round, the Przewalski horse, as well as the Old-Kladrubian and racing horses can be seen here.

Cat Castle - 14,8 km

The dwarf castle in romantic style, which was built by the princess Vilemína Auerspergová in the 19th century for entertainment of her children has a poetic name "Cat Castle" (Kočičí hrádek). At the present, it is still the aim of family walks with children. There is a restaurant Monaco nearby. In the neighbourhood you can visit the state castle Slatiňany, a horse-breeding farm, sand-stone rocks, fishponds Kochánovické rybníky, etc.

Sandstone Rocks Škrovád – 14,9 km

Sandstone rocks of Mesozoic era at the Chrudimka River. The former quarries now serve as training terrain for alpine climbing. Sandstone of Škrovád was used as a sculpture or building material in the past - e.g. the statue of John of Nepomuk or the torture chambre at the Slatiňany Castle.

Puppet Museum Chrudim – 18,3km

The Museum of Puppets has a seat in a beautiful rennaisance bulding called Mydlářovský dům house, built in the 16th century. It documents the past and present of the Czech puppet theatre as well as that of the art of puppetry all around the world. It displays Czech and foreign puppets and marionettes in permanent and temporary exhibits. The Museum also runs an art gallery, library and a theatre scene for children. It is possible to climb up the tower of the house. Access for disabled visitors has been enabled only to the permanent exhibition on the ground floor of the Museum.

Golf Club Svratka 1932 - 21km

A wonderful golf course, established in 1932.

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Chalupa v Trhové Kamenici*Ubytování vhodné pro příznivce golfu!!! ***Welcome on our cottage's website. The cottage is located within the Protected Landscape Area of Žďárské vrchy on the edge of the village of Trhová Kamenice.*** Unseres Wochenendhaus ist ausgezeichnetes Platz, wann Sie einen Urlaub mit Golf verleben möchten. In nähe gibt es 2 Golfplätzen Golf & Country Club Svobodné Hamry 2km und Golf Club Svratka 1932 (21km). Ubytování, chata, golf, tenis, tenisový kurt, pronájem, lyžování, turistika, cykloturistika, Vysočina, Žďárské vrchy, koupání, bazén, lodging"